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Types of Photography Services Professional Agencies Provide

There are some great photography services out there that professional photographers can specialise in. Find some inspiration by browsing through all the most popular photography services here.

Event Photography

Whether you enjoy corporate events or loud metal concerts, event photographers work in a variety of settings and industries. This photography involves a mixture of various styles and may include anything from portraiture to recording ceremonies.

Some organisations use event photos for publicity purposes. Professional wedding photography is a specialised form of event photography. It can involve a mix of event photography and portraiture.

Portrait Photography

Portraiture is a common type of photography. Clients may look for these services to seek out portrait photographers for every phase of life, from maternity and academic achievements to taking photos for family holidays and trips.

Corporate portraits are also used by employees to update the information on the CVs. Portraits also play an important role in issuing identity documentation.

Fashion Photography

Models in the fashion industry are also in constant need of updated profiles. Fashion photographers display their work in magazines, on television, and at fashion shows. Fashion photography also plays a huge role in the advertising industry, as models are used to market products.

Product Photography

Every product in the store has been photographed at some stage. Product photography makes sure that products display well online, in catalogues, on labels, and on the packaging. Most product photography is studio-based, and professionals play with all sorts of lighting and effects to produce the highest quality pictures.

Architectural Photography

These photographers are employed by architectural agencies or working as freelancers. Their work involves capturing the essence of building design and construction from the start of construction to the completion of a project.

Lifestyle Photography

Travel and lifestyle photography mixes many different types of photography into one. In one instance, photographers might focus on the people and their lifestyles, and in another, they would want to capture the landscapes in the context.

Sports Photography

Sports photographers operate from the sidelines and use quick cameras with long lenses to zoom in on the action and capture the winning shots. Many of these photographs can serve as good publicity for a team.

Found an area of photography that you are interested in? There are many affordable photography courses available online to help you on your way to becoming a professional photographer.