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Find out all you need to know about the latest news and information in the photography industry on this channel. Life Games Photography provides individuals with uninterrupted access to the latest events and courses that will benefit their career as a professional photographer.

Access articles about the relevant photography services that pique your interest. Listen to a brief explanation of brand photography, followed by some insightful steps on getting brand photography right by utilising an example of an online casino.

Casino events are of particular interest when it comes to raising funds for a good cause, like raising funds to pay for students’ tuition. Learn how aspiring photographers can use a casino-themed fundraising event to pay for their photography course.

Photography expos are a great source for individuals to start learning about the industry. Meet expert photographers who can teach you a thing or two about starting your own agency. These expos are also a great way to attract clients if you already have an established agency. Use this event to enrich your knowledge about the latest trends in the profession.

Here is a quick summary of some of the most recognisable photography agencies in Australia. Discover what sets these agencies apart from their competitors. These agencies are in and around Australia’s biggest cities. Do some research before selecting just any photography agency.

Society relies on many different photography services today. From event and travel photography to advertising and architectural photography, there are many different fields to consider if you are serious about becoming a professional photographer. Make sure you conduct some research about the profession you are interested in before taking a course.