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Whale Watching At Waratah Bay

The Whales Are Visiting In November!

Pictures on this page include – Whales breaching, Waratah Bay sunrise and sunset, people fishing on the beach, young boy running, footprints in the sand, wattle, Waratah Bay Caravan Park, whale fins and tails, coastal plants, horses on the beach, seagull, views across to Wilsons Prom and more …

The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) migrate to the southern coasts of Australia each winter and have a habit of calving or resting very close to shore at Waratah Bay, Victoria, Australia, only a short drive away from where I live in Foster.

Although it’s the middle of winter here we’ve had delightfully sunny days which made it very pleasant to stand on the beach and watch these fabulous whales for hours on end … it was the first time I had ever seen them, so my excitement was high. The Waratah Bay Caravan Park owners reported seeing 8 of these large mammals which average around 15 metres in length and as of today, have been in the area for at least three weeks.

I was offered a boat ride to venture a little closer … an almighty adventure it turned out to be as a large wave tipped the boat sideways and drenched the occupants … my expensive camera was saved amidst some shocked faces followed by laughter and relief. What great fun it was!


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