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Website Design
I spend endless hours keeping up with new technology. I’m in just as much bliss compiling a simple $250 portfolio site, building a $1500 professional website or constructing an extravagant $20,000 online shop. I thrive on the creation process and love putting my skills to good use.
Pro Photography
Pretty soon after I started shooting in 2007 I could tell the results I was getting were fabulous. I now use a full framed Canon 5D mark 2 and a nice range of luxury series lenses. I adore product, website and portrait photography the most. My clients are incredibly happy and keep coming back for more.
Social Media Setup
If you have better things to do than setup social media pages, just give them to me and I’ll build you a strong foundation. I love to give them the same functionality and feel as your bricks and mortar business. Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube tend to be the best. Fully integrated with your website.
lyndon-richardsonWOW! You got it done overnight. I think it's amazing. Thank you. Send me the invoice. You're the best at this! What more can I say, except now I want you to set up my adwords campaign and work on some videos too if that's OK.Lyndon RichardsonOwner, LJR Plumbing Contractors
Tye-BlythThank you for believing in me and taking this job. Other people are loving your work and I love it too. The pictures are awesome. The article you did about Doris is brilliant. I'm making an appointment to get the next video done too!  How grateful this man is.Tye BlythPersonal Trainer,
paul-sykesO MY GOD!!!! That is SO GOOD, I physically laughed with excitement. Wow, you’re EXCELLENT. It's with deep gratitude that I thank you for your modest price. That site’s worth way more. THANK YOU. I’m seriously impressed Elizabeth. I really wanted to do business with you cos I had a gut feeling ... and you've far exceeded my expectations.Paul SykesVocal Coach, Crash Course In Singing
nerelle-loaderI LOVE my website. It looks amazing!! … The product photos are beautiful. Thank you for staying on task and getting us up and running in such a short time. Well done for making my new enterprise a sure success. I cannot thank you enough.Nerelle LoaderProprietor, Mineral Cosmetics Online
maureen-and-peter-bylHi Elizabeth, you are being praised for the fantastic website. We are receiving numerous comments how great it looks and how easy to find things. It is certainly providing the results intended. We are receiving orders like we have never seen before, instant purchasing! If you were close by we would take you out for dinner, it will wait until you come over one day, serious!Peter and Maureen BylFounders, Organature
Get A Website That Really Works
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“These websites are easy to use, simple to keep up to date, search engine friendly with professionally written content and high quality images that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.” – E.R. Foster

Lifegames Web Services can handle everything for your new or existing website including:

  • domain name registration and renewals
  • website hosting that costs less than $60 per year
  • complete website design service for your business
  • pictures and photographs enhanced specially for use on the Internet or
  • Colour Advertising Brochures.

But How Much Will It Cost? – Keep in mind that our web design service sets you up with a site that only costs around $60 per year, and yet your internet site will work for you ALL day every day for that entire year. Our costs to create a website vary depending on what you need. Your site can be up and running in as little as a week or two with …

  • a quality splash page (that’s a single page containing your most important information including a contact form), for an investment of around $250,
  • a full business website that generally starts from around $1500 AUD,
  • an E-Commerce website (with products and a functional and safe shopping cart) starts around $2500.

“Wow, who is doing this website? It is really good. The whole thing looks amazing, it’s easy to navigate and all the local photographs are spectacular.” – G.K. Newhaven

Not happy with your existing website?

Get a free website appraisal with genuinely helpful advice, suggestions, brainstorming and other ideas on:

  • how to improve the aesthetics of your website
  • getting your website hosting for less than $60/year
  • making sure your website gets found in searches
  • substantially improving the traffic flow
  • useful ways to promote your website locally
  • making your website more user friendly

What Makes A Website WORK? – Websites work best and are found more often in searches because of these important elements:

  1. Solid web design, interesting fonts and eye-catching images.
  2. Good and appropriate keyword choices and usage.
  3. Useful content.
  4. Links to your site from other relevant websites.
  5. References to your site from other aspects of your business including signage and stationery.
  6. Making your site interactive with easy pathways to information and quick contact with you.
  7. Pertinent security certificates and strategies that entice your site visitors to keep coming back again and again.

Get A Website Just Right For You – Whilst there are many people in the industry who can produce a web site, our strength lies in the ability to develop your business ideas into a meaningful web presence that’s consistent with your bricks and mortar business, yet applies successful marketing techniques unique to the internet AND we make sure your website is FOUND IN SEARCHES.

Phone 0459 675251, read our FAQ’s or use the contact form to make an appointment, request an appraisal or ask any questions.



Elizabeth is the author of 6 books including the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. As a teacher she helped many small business owners get started with Build Your Own Websites Classes. These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of luxury on The Gold Coast but still plays as a CONTENT CREATORPROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and WEB DESIGNER.