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Native Australian Wildlife, Birds, Animals

Photographs of native Australian wildlife, creatures and birds taken in their natural environment.

Commonly found throughout South Gippsland in Victoria, along the east coast of Australia and especially in abundance at Wilsons Promontory National Park. Pictures on this page include Tasmanian Devil, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, koala, frilled necked lizards, stumpy tailed lizard, blue tongue lizard, bush turkey, wombats, brush tailed possum, rosella, black swans, wild ducks, water birds, shrikes, Australian raven, kookaburra, kingfisher, honey-eaters, Witchetty or Bardi Grubs, spiny backed anteater, echidna, magpies, galahs, baby wombat, gecko, red wallaby, echidnas and more.

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Below we’ve also featured two larger panoramas of a grey kangaroo hopping across the grassy plains and an emu running through the bush.

emu running through the bush

grey kangaroo hopping across the grassy plains

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