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Mirboo North Bushfire Pictures

Photographs and story Of The 2009 Bush Fire

Pictures taken during The Bush Fire Near Mirboo North 29-01-2009 and 30-01-2009. Also see

Waiting around to be called (as an extra) for filming of the ABC TV series “Bed Of Roses” in Meeniyan last night, we could easily see the gigantic plume of mottled grey smoke with a red glow. With a steaming 45 degree heat from 9.30 am on Thursday morning, the day was setting itself up to be potential devastating.

Fortunately we finished filming early and I braved the short drive towards the now glowing hot skyline…On arrival at Mirboo North, the local towns folk were out in droves, parked beside the road and in other peoples driveways, several had filled small water tankers ready to protect their homes, most were standing around in groups in a stunned silence.

Some of the residents were even packing their belongings into cars and vans.

The Strzelecki Highway was closed and the police were not even letting home owners through the barricade. From one side of Dickies Hill Lookout, flames could be seen flaring in spots across almost 180 degrees of the deathly crimson coloured horizon. I left the area! I doubt if anyone in Mirboo North will have slept last night.

You might also be interested in these photos taken after the bush fires at Mirboo North and Darlimurla and see the regrowth, six months after the fires at Lyrebird Walking Track.

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