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About Our Web Design Service And Using Our Photographs

How Do I Contact You?

You are welcome to phone Elizabeth Richardson in Australia on 0459 675251 or send an email through the contact page. You can also find out more about why this website was created on the About Us page.

Can I Use The Photographs From This Website?

Absolutely. You are welcome to use them in their current resolution and by leaving the watermark intact. Although it’s not a requirement, we really appreciate a direct link back to this website and we’re more than happy to provide a reciprocal link back to yours when you NOTIFY US that you have used them.

PLEASE NOTE: All images remain copyright to ‘lifegames’ and are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. This license lets you distribute, publish, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as you credit lifegames Photography for the original photograph. If you breach this license agreement it is unlikely that we will initiate legal poceedings, but we retain the right to do so.

What Is The License Agreement?

Images For Websites, Brochures, Television, Advertising Or Other Media – You have permission to use the images from this website, provided you credit ‘lifegames’ Photography…


How Do I Download The Photographs?

Just click on the image you want in order to enlarge it, then right click the photograph and select “save target as” OR “save link as”.

But, What If I Want Better Quality Photographs?

That’s OK too. See the Price Guideline And License Agreement page. Just request the image/s you want by using the contact form and we will be happy to send them to you for a small fee. We can also give you access to an entire album or gallery of full resolution, high quality photographs (usually on a compact disc) that are watermark FREE and royalty FREE, for a once-off cost along with permission to use them as you please.

Will You Take Photographs Specifically For My Business/Event/Wedding?

Yes – You might be pleasantly surprised by our QUOTE that gives you:

  • full resolution, high quality photographs
  • images taken exclusively for you
  • your pictures provided on a CD for you to print, publish or use freely as you please
  • watermark FREE, royalty FREE photographs with no requirement to acknowledge the photographer or this website (though that is always appreciated and grants you the privilege of a reciprocal link).

Copyright Notice

All Photographs on this website are owned by Elizabeth Richardson and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. By law, all we require is that you provide a direct link back to this website for each image used and name the photographer (see below) OR simply leave the watermark intact.

Photographer: Elizabeth Richardson

What Do I Need To Do To Have A Website Constructed For Me?

If you live in South Gippsland, it’s easy to arrange a meeting in person to discuss your requirements and assess how we can best assist you. For clients outside the area, we are happy to make contact via email. After the initial consultation, you will receive a written quote within 24 hours detailing our commitment to you.  You are free to accept or decline the quote. Whatever you choose, we wish you well…by the way, even if you do accept the quote, you are not under any obligation to purchase the finished website…but ownership of the website will only transfer to you once the price has been paid in full.

What About A Domain Name And Website Hosting?

If you are planning a new website, we prefer to register the domain name on your behalf and arrange website hosting as part of the quote. Our website hosting provider gives us excellent prices and we can pass these savings on to you. Of course, if you wish to register and organize your own domain name and hosting, that is completely OK too.

How Much Are The Annual Charges For Website Hosting?

Because we regularly deal with website hosting providers, our PRICES are the best you will find anywhere. Ongoing costs to host and renew your domain name are LESS than $60 Australian per year.

How Much Does A Website Cost To Build?

You can find a very general outline of what a website might cost, at Web Services, but it is only given as a guide. A free consultation will always provide you with a proper estimate or firm quote.

How Can I Best Explain What I Want My Website To Look Like?

When you meet with us…

  • bring with you any photographs/logos/images/brochures that are relevant to your business.
  • jot down the features you might like to have (photo albums, picture galleries, order forms, shopping cart, booking forms, downloadable products, online store, discount vouchers etc).
  • write down the ‘www’ addresses of any websites you particularly like and bring them with you.

Providing these details will greatly assist in knowing what you are trying to achieve.

How Do I Know My Website Will Be Found By The Search Engines?

Just having a website alone does not guarantee that you will be found by anyone at all, so it is vital that you also decide what keywords you want your website to be optimized for. These are words or phrases most people would type into a search box to find what you are providing. Our design packages always includes using your keywords in the most effective places, providing you with a sitemap for your website and automatically submitting it to the major search engines. As part of our service, we generally make a list of other recommendations as well, to ensure you have the best possible chance of online success.

What If I Don’t Like The Design?

Don’t worry! We’ll continue to work with you until you are totally happy and remember, you are NOT under any obligation to purchase the website we have designed for you until that time.

What If I Want Something Changed?

We always expect there to be a few changes to the overall design, and we will work with you to make sure that the final design is what you want. Once you have approved the completed website though, any future maintenance or alterations are generally charged at $40 per hour or $250 per day.

What About The Content For The Website?

If there is something already in writing, you can email it in a ‘Word’ or ‘Notepad’ document. We prefer to get the text in a digital format as this saves us time having to manually input the text.

What If I Don’t Have Much Content Written?

That’s fine too. We are very experienced with writing effective and professional website copy for all types of industries (this will be reflected in the quote), and we can also rewrite your own words to make them more compelling. In fact, most of our work is done like this. Bear in mind that if your website is to do well in search engines it needs to have informative and relevant text on each page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is vital that your website contains mainly original content. Do NOT copy and paste the same words from one website to another as it could be penalized under googles ‘duplicate content‘ policy as well as breaching copyright laws.

What About Pictures, Logos, Images And Photographs?

If you already have pictures, they can be sent by email or provided on a CD. If you don’t have the images in a digital format, then we are able to scan your photographs, although the quality of scanned images may not be quite as good.

What If I Don’t Have Any Pictures?

That’s fine too. If you live in South Gippsland, we already have an enormous store of quality local photographs. Some can be viewed on the South Gippsland Website or in the NEW ‘lifegames’ Photography Gallery. We can also search for any extra photographs or images that may be required.

Keep in mind we can also send a professional photographer to take pictures specifically for you. Contact us for more information…you might be surprised at the great deal we have on offer for personal or business photo-shoots.

What About Image Copyright?

Please be aware that we cannot use other people’s images without their permission. This is for your protection as image companies do not sue designers for copyright infringement, they sue the website owner! If you do not have your own images, we can either arrange for a photography shoot or source some suitable images ourselves on your behalf.

EXTRA BONUS FOR LOCALS: South Gippsland residents have the added advantage of at least one onsite photography shoot free of charge. All Photographs are owned by Elizabeth Richardson and licensed for use on your website under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License and a link back to this website is required.

Will My Website Be Fast-Loading?

We understand the importance of having a quick loading website. Most web surfers sum up a site in the first 6 – 10 seconds. We make sure all of our websites are coded for quickest possible loading and that all images are compressed as far as possible without reducing quality.

How Quickly Can I Get My Website Online?

We generally get most business websites designed and online within one or two weeks, especially if we have all the website content from the start. One of the main things that holds up the design process is content, so the quicker you can get all the content to us the quicker we can get the website online.

Are There Any Other Factors That Could Delay My Website?

If you already have web hosting with another company and you are transferring over the domain from them, then there may be a few administrative delays which are beyond our control.
If you require an Australian Domain Name the domain registrar needs to approve the initial application – that can take up to three days. If you already use an Australian based hosting company, that also has a tendency to slow things down. We prefer to have ALL our websites hosted offshore, in the U.S.A. or the U.K.

Why Do You Use Offshore Hosting Companies?

It’s a pity, but at this point in time, Australian hosting companies have a poor reputation for customer support and after hours assistance. Even though we would like to support our own country, the building of a website can be delayed an extra week just by using Australian Hosting Companies…no matter what is written in their service guarantee. You only need to do a Google search to read complaints.

What If I’m Not Happy With The Finished Design?

This hasn’t happened yet! We tend to develop a fairly close working relationship and quick understanding of your needs and make sure the design heads in the right direction.

How Far Up The Search Engine Listings Will My Website Be?

Most website designers are proficient at building websites, not necessarily at promotions, marketing and Search Engine Optimization. In this situation, we pride ourselves in the ability to assist your website to be recognized quickly on Google searches by implementing a few simple procedures. But basically, the rest depends on the amount of promotional work you do yourself! The truth is, that in most fields of business there are so many websites vying for position in the top of search engine listings that many will never be seen. At the completion of the project, we do however provide some clear recommendations that will give your website the best possible chance to be successful.

What If I Need To Update My Content After The Website Is Finished?

When the construction of the website is complete, small updates (for example the addition or replacement of a paragraph of text, an image to a page, or changing an address or phone number) are free of charge. However if your website needs updating regularly (on a monthly basis or more often) you could consider negotiating a maintenance contract with us.

Can I Update My Own Content?

We actually encourage you to take charge of your own website. There are already too many neglected and outdated websites on the Internet. All our websites are designed with a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to update pages and images simply by logging into an online administration area within your website. This can be done from any computer, anywhere in the world. Some basic training on how to administer your own website, is also given as part of our service to you.

What If I Accidentally Make Mistakes While I’m Updating My Website?

That’s OK. We install a backup system, which saves a copy of your website (as often as required, daily, weekly, monthly), in case of problems just like this.

Will My Website Be Outdated In A Few Years?

The Internet is a rapidly moving industry. Your design may become outdated just as shop-fittings and clothing change with certain fashion trends. Technologically, we make sure you’re kept up to date by installing an easy to use automated system that notifies you when updates are available.

How Do I Contact You?

You are welcome to phone Elizabeth Richardson in Australia on 0459 675251 or send an email through the contact page.


Elizabeth is the author of 6 books including the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. As a teacher she helped many small business owners get started with Build Your Own Websites Classes. These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of luxury on The Gold Coast but still plays as a CONTENT CREATORPROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and WEB DESIGNER.