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Australian Native Birds

Beautiful album of photos of native wild bird species that are commonly found in Australia

Pictures include Australian emu, water birds, male and female blue wrens, willie wagtails, galah, rosella, rainbow lorikeet, ibis, jabiru, seagulls, kookaburra, kingfisher, waterbirds, honey-eaters, white sulfur crested cockatoo, wood duck, cassowary, cape barren goose, sea birds, Australian Raven, black swans, bush turkeys, magpie, pelicans, sparrows, wild ducks.

Below we’ve featured a stunning picture of a male blue wren in all his glory and a lovely willie wagtail sitting on the edge of a bird bath.


Willy Wag Tail little bird

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  1. February 2, 2015    

    Fabulous photos, Elisabeth! We are hoping to make up a feature display of all the birds that make the Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve their home, or, at least, regularly visit. If I send you the list, and you have photographed these birds, would you allow us to use your photographs? We would certainly acknowledge you, or Lifegames Photography, as the source, of course!

  2. February 2, 2015    

    That’s terrific Kathy. It’s nice to see them put to good use 🙂

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