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After The Fires At Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Promontory Photographs And Update

Wilsons Promontory National Park was re-opened late March after fierce bush fires raged through over 50% of the park. Most of the walking tracks have been reopened after extensive cleaning up from fallen debris and trees.

The re-building of burnt out bridges and pathways was also necessary and the areas open to tourists are Tidal River, Vereker Outlook, Lilly Pilly Gully, Five Mile Road, Squeaky Beach, Darby River and Beach, Millers Landing, Squeaky Beach and walks around Tidal overlook and Mount Oberon. Camping is available at Barry Creek and Five Mile Beach Camps.

Landscape Photographers License

My Parks Victoria Landscape Photographers License didn’t grant me privileged access, but as a photographer, sometimes we push the boundaries to get the story. But it DOES however grant me permission to display and/or sell photographs, prints or artwork of the highly protected area.

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Pictures on this page include – Mount Oberon, Mount Bishop, damage to the Lilly Pilly Nature Walk, bush fire scenes toward Whisky Bay, grass trees, roadsides, fallen gum and mountain ash trees, burnt bushland, Squeaky Beach and more …

Bushfire Results Report

March 27th 2009, (although we apparently weren’t supposed to stop on the road between the gate and Tidal River Information Center), we parked near Darby River and walked for a short distance towards Tongue Point. Within 100 meters, the track was completely burnt out on both sides and the sandy path was eroding rapidly without the leafy trees to shelter it from the hot sun and vicious winds. See pictures below…

We also stopped beside the road overlooking Whisky Bay and for the first time, could easily see the rocks on the beach through the blackened trees. Pictures also below…

My prime task was to see the result of the rumoured devastation of the Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk track…and there was obvious signs of the burn right from the Lilly Pilly Car Park (probably a controlled burn set to protect the Tidal River settlement).

As we walked further towards the precious, sheltered and often favoured Lilly Pilly Gully, evidence of large trees fallen over the track were obvious and the maintenance crew had spent a considerable amount of time already clearing the path of fallen debris. When we reached the entrance to Lilly Pilly Gully, where a huge fallen tree had blocked the path, the treated pine boardwalk before the little bridge over the creek had suffered with several meters burnt out from underneath it.

To our complete amazement, the fire has stopped right at the meter wide creek and the extensive boardwalk through the gully was perfectly preserved.

Squeaky Beach was as beautiful as ever and packed with tourists as not many other beaches were open.

Before And After The Bushfire Pictures

WHAT’S NEXT – As I already have thousands of pictures cataloguing the various areas and walking tracks through Wilsons Prom, the next task is to compile some before-and-after shots of the bushfires.



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