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After The Bush Fires Mirboo North

Below you will find both natural and digitally enhanced photographs taken after the devastating bush fires at Darlimurla, Mirboo North and Boolarra South, which almost seems minute compared to the worst natural disaster in Australian History that occurred during the Feburary 2009 bushfire storms experienced at Churchill, Marysville and the Kinglake regions of Victoria

Pictures include burned out homes, burned forests, smoldering trees, animals, baby wombat, burned cars, trucks, grader and front end loader, dams, logs, burned pots and household items, trespassers prosecuted sign, roads, a fire truck, statues, homes that were saved and more … Towards the bottom of the page we’ve also added pictures of the regrowth and forest regeneration taken 6 months after the fires were extinguished.

I can’t imagine what the LOSS of property, homes, stock, farm animals, pets and loved ones, along with the feeling of safety, would do to me!

We drove around for several hours and noticed the deathly silence as an almost mystical monotone scene greeted us…we saw a baby wombat rummaging around through the charred forest floor – it survived, and nearby a mother wombat – who didn’t make it.

Most houses were miraculously saved…but some were burnt to the ground. But, take a look at the photo gallery below and get a better idea for yourself!


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