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National Parks & Reserves


Some of the most beautiful parklands and reserves are found in South Gippsland, Bass Shire and along the Wilsons Promontory Coastline … The photo albums listed on this page cover Agnes Falls, Bunurong Marine Park near Inverloch, Powlett River, Turtons Creek, Port Albert, Mount Worth, Cape Liptrap and of course, our most popular tourist destination, […]

Coastal Victorian Towns


These lovely photo albums are of peaceful towns and fishing villages in coastal South Gippsland, Gippsland and Bass Shire. They include Port Albert, Port Franklin, Port Welshpool, Cape Woolemai, Inverloch, San Remo, Sandy Point, Venus Bay, Tarwin Lower, Walkerville, Waratah Bay, Woodside and Yanakie. We keep adding new albums all the time so you might […]

Landscapes, Bush Fires And Scenery


Photo albums of landscapes, scenery, bushfires, coastal and inland areas of South Gippsland, Prom Country and the Bass Shire Coast. Australia has always been known for its bush fires, wide open spaces and well populated coastlines. Some of the most windswept areas on the south eastern tip of Australia where Wilsons Promontory National Park is […]

Wilsons Prom Accommodation


Photo albums of several accommodation places with good access to our most popular and beautiful Wilsons Prom National Park There are an abundance of bed and breakfast, caravan parks, camp grounds, luxury accommodation, romantic retreats and backpackers available throughout South Gippsland. Here are pictures of just a few, including Abington Briars Cottage, Toora Tourist Park, […]

Flowers, Gardens, Moss And Fungi


Photo albums of flowers, colourful gardens, garden features, moss, seaweed, shells, rocks, fungi and more. The beautiful plants and natural features in the albums on this page were found throughout the south eastern region of Victoria, in the Bass Coast, Gippsland and South Gippsland Shires during nature trips, garden tours and just general photo hunting […]

Wildlife, Animals, Creatures and Birds


Photos albums of all sorts of birds and animals taken in South Eastern Victoria Such a diverse range of farm animals, wildlife, creatures and birds can be found throughout the South Gippsland and Prom Coast region of Victoria. From the fairy penguins at Phillip Island, the wombats, wallabies, emu, kangaroos and koalas at Wilsons Promontory […]

Australian Native Animals

Australian Native Animals

High quality photos of native wildlife found in Australia. A stunning album of pictures showing Native Australian Animals mostly photographed live in the wild. These include dingo, koala, several species of kangaroo and wallaby, joeys in pouches, echidna, wombats, green tree python, water dragon, gecko, cicada, grasshopper, goanna, water turtle, skinks, Tasmanian devil, several types […]

Australian Native Birds

Australian Native Birds

Beautiful album of photos of native wild bird species that are commonly found in Australia Pictures include Australian water birds, male and female blue wrens, willie wagtails, galah, rosella, rainbow lorikeet, ibis, jabiru, seagulls, kookaburra, kingfisher, waterbirds, honey-eaters, white sulfur crested cockatoo, wood duck, cassowary, cape barren goose, sea birds, Australian Raven, black swans, bush […]

Sydney Parks, Reserves and Gardens

Sydney Parks, Reserves and Gardens

Stunning photos of people, plants, gardens and natural tree lined streets in Sydney Pictures include Elizabeth Farm Historical Cottage in Rosehill Sydney, beautiful succulents, cacti and flowers in the Sydney Botanical Gardens, people in the park, girl in a bikini, a girl meditating on the lawn, waterfall, various statues, florist shop, flower stall, kangaroo paw, […]

Franklin River Reserve

Franklin River Reserve

Photos and Information about the Franklin River Reserve in South Gippsland This spacious parkland is located on the South Gippsland Highway between Foster and Welshpool on the left hand side of the road if you’re traveling north. There is a large grassed area with shelter, picnic tables and bins at the front of the reserve […]

Port Welshpool

Port Welshpool

Photographs, Information And Map Of Port Welshpool The photo gallery on this page include the historic long jetty, Australian flag, people fishing, boats, shells, sandy beach, no-entry sign, locks on the jetty entrance, Gippsland Ports signage, the closure of the jetty notice, seagulls, sea eagles, black swans, the shops, the newsagent, lifesaving rings, the pub […]

Turtons Creek Reserve

Turtons Creek Reserve

Stunning photos of Turtons Creek and surrounding fern gullies in Victoria Turtons Creek Reserve can be found to the south of Mirboo North and the north of Foster in the Strzelecki Ranges in Victoria. Apparently the fishing is very good with eels and trout in the local streams. The Turtons Creek Waterfall is only a […]